If you are reading this, it is because you have chosen to volunteer at Roedde House Museum. Thank you so much for joining our team and helping the museum provide informative and entertaining tours to our guests.

If you are not comfortable giving tours but want to help out in a different way, there are plenty of other things that need doing around the house and the office. Talk to us, we will be happy to help you find other activities.

In the following pages, you will find all necessary information, ranging from opening and closing procedures, emergency procedures to current events and internal communications.

Before each of your shifts, please take a few minutes to sign in at the office, say “hullo”, and see what is new at the Museum.

Have a great day!

Roedde House Museum Staff


Other Volunteer Opportunities as the Museum

Besides providing regular tours and hosting events, we are also looking for volunteers in the following areas:

SCHOOL DOCENTS The School Committee at Roedde House Museum is looking for retired French-speaking teachers to provide French school tours to immersion classes. We also would welcome more help with our English shool tours. Be involved with curious, motivated Grade 4-5 students and teachers! After completing orientation, the time commitment is for several Thursday mornings every couple of months during the school year. The Roedde House Museum’s revised curriculum, fitting with grade 4-5-6 Social Studies and Language IRPs, is available on our website, under “Education”.

SOCIAL MEDIA CURATORS The museum currently has a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account. We use these channels to try and generate interest and conversation about the museum’s tours, events, and programmes. It’s also a great way to share some tidbits about Vancouver’s history from the era. We are looking for volunteers who can help maintain and come up with new ideas for our channels and online interactions.

NEWSLETTER EDITORS, JOURNALISTS, AND DESIGNERS Once a month or so, the museum publishes a newsletter that goes out to volunteers and members of the museum. Content ranges from anything to current events at the museum, interviews with people from the local historical company, a feature artefact, or any new ideas you’d like to contribute. Please let us know if you’re interested in getting involved with this project.


Donation Procedures

As a non-profit culture and community organization, donations are a big help to the museum! As a volunteer, you play a huge role in increasing our donation numbers by reminding guests that they can give to the Museum. Our donation box is in the corner of the entrance hall, but people do not always see it. They may also not have cash on them right away.

If you can remember to direct their attention towards the donation box at the end of your tours, it would be great.

Every little bit helps!

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