Sunday Tea and Tour

Every Sunday, the museum hosts a “Tea and Tour” wherein tours are followed by taking tea and cookies in the Dining Room or Kitchen. During Tea and Tour Sundays, it is preferable for two volunteers to welcome and tour guests around the house while one manages the tea and cookies in the kitchen.

Procedures for the day involve the usual tasks of opening up the house, preparing the attendance sheet, and setting out the cash box. The following tasks concern the Tea component and will mostly involved the volunteer who is designated with Tea duty for the day.

Things do before opening:

  • Set out and arrange tea cups and saucers on serving trolley (tea sets and tea cups located in bottom cupboards in pantry)
  • Set out cookies on one of the tiered trays
  • Prepare some milk in the creamer and store in fridge
  • Prepare some sugar cubes in sugar pot and place on serving trolley

During Opening:

  • Boil water for the tea at 1pm so that it is hot and ready in time for the tours.
  • Start with one pot of tea (use two bags of the Roedde Blend). You may make another if there seems to be a need for it.
  • Be sure that the tea is hot and in supply. Same goes for the cookies!
  • Place tea cups and saucers in the dishwasher as you go


  • Pour out the tea and rinse the tea pots carefully
  • Rinse the tiered trays
  • Place only one tea spoon of detergent in the dishwasher and turn it on (there is a lever at the top centre of the dish washer, push it from left to right and then set the washer on to a “light” wash)


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