The museum is involved in a few partnership programs around the city. Once in a while, guests will present passes that correspond to the program. When welcoming guests with passes, be sure to indicate on the Guest Information clipboard and the attendance sheet if they used a pass.

The following are descriptions of the program and what to do when you encounter of these passes. Examples of what these passes look like can be found in the blue Volunteer Binder located in the office.

Note for ALL Partnership Programs: On Sundays, Pass Holders are required to make a $3 donation if they would like to have some tea and cookies.

  1. Roedde House Members All Roedde House members are allowed to attend the museum for free, with one guest. Members can use their membership cards and the free tour tickets that they are gifted with.

    Procedure: Ask them to show their pink membership pass. Check to see if their membership cards and/or free tour passes have expired.

  2. Tourism Privilege Pass A Pass earned from completing the Tourism Passport Challenge, in which members of the Tourism Industry were required to collect a number of stamps from various Vancouver attractions from mid-April to May. Privilege Pass holders gain free entry for themselves and only one other person to attractions located around Vancouver. Procedure: Ask guests to present their Privilege Pass and make sure that their face matches the photo on the ID. Be sure to check that their Pass coincides with the current year.

  3. Tourism Vancouver Experience Pass Recipients of this pass (usually members of the Tourism industry, so be nice, their recommendations are important!) gain free entrance to a number of Vancouver attractions including Roedde House.

    Procedure: These guests will present a card that has "Tourism Vancouver" on one side with their name and address on it, and on the opposite side, a list of places/organizations that they can be admitted to free of charge (One time admission for 2 people). Just be sure to check off "Roedde House Museum" on that pass, once again to make sure that nobody is using the pass twice.

  4. Vancouver Inspiration Pass The pass allows anyone who resides in Vancouver and owns a VPL card to reserve and check out a pass from a library branch, once a year. The pass allows the holder to visit all participating locations, once, for free during a two-week period. One pass can be redeemed by a group of up to 4 people, all ages.The pass holder must be at least 14 years old. For Sunday Tea & Tours: they would only need to pay $3.00/person. For concerts: they would have to still pay full price.

    Procedure: Check the pass holder’s receipt for due date and a name that matches their ID. Make sure that their visit is still within the due date and that their ID matches the name on the receipt. Stamp their booklet on the Roedde House Museum section.

  5. Cultural Access Pass The pass entitles new Canadian citizens the opportunity to enjoy complimentary acess to local cultural attractions. The CAP entitles the pass holder and up to four children under the age of 18 to a one-time only free admission for tours. For Sunday Tea & Tours: they would only need to pay $3.00/person. For concerts: they would have to still pay full price.

    Procedure: Ask for the pass and a valid piece of id. Check the expiry date and whether or not the name on the card matches the id.

  6. Royal BC Museum Members Roedde House Museum has a mutual membership benefits program with the Royal BC Museum in Victoria. Royal BC Museum Members receive 20% off admission ($4 only for regular admission and $6 only for Sunday Tea and Tours) at Roedde House when they present their membership cards upon entry.

  7. Burnaby Attractions Pass Visitors who have this pass get a one-time 2 for 1 admission to Roedde House for tours or Sunday Tea & Tours.

    Procedure: Ask for a valid id and check expiration date. Write down name of person according to their id in the designated Tourism Burnaby Attractions Pass sign-in on the clip board so as to make sure that nobody is using the pass twice.

*If you have any other questions about these, feel free to give the house a call and the Volunteer Coordinator or Manager can explain.

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