Parking At the Museum

The Museum has four designated parking spots in its back lot: 16, 17, 18, and 19. The parking spots can be accessed through Broughton Street. As our esteemed volunteers, you are always free to use one of these spots during your shift at the museum. It is not necessary but always a good idea to let staff on duty know that you are planning to use one of the spots in case we need to reserve them for a contractor, musician, or neighbouring organization. But for the most part, we usually have at least one spot always available for our volunteers!

On the occasion or emergency that you may need to use it outside of your hours at the museum (and outside museum opening hours!), please let us know (via e-mail, phone, or phone message) so that we can vouch for your use of the parking lot if you are not present at the house to do so. We also ask that under this circumstance, you please leave a note with your name and contact information on the dashboard of your vehicle.

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