Artifact Handling

Part of what makes our museum unique is that we are fully interactive! Roedde House prides itself on providing visitors and volunteers alike direct access to the artifacts. That being said, working for the museum involves a lot of artifact handling and maintenance.

Here are some brief topics and guidelines to follow on the best practices for handling museum objects, articles, and furniture.

  • Gloves
    White cotton gloves are available throughout the museum and are usually placed by artifacts that are frequently handled by guests. Please wear these whenever you need to handle an artifact as well and also encourage guests to use them.
  • Light and Sun Exposure
    Artifacts, paper and photographs especially, are very sensitive to light. We’re quite fortunate that Victorian architecture was all about the privacy of dark, shuttered up houses so most of our artifacts are safe from prolonged sun exposure. But do keep this in mind!
  • Lifting Objects
    From tea cups to chairs, there will be a bit of artifact lifting around the house from time to time, especially when we are hosting events. It’s always best to lift an object from its heaviest point (example, handle a tea cup by the base, not the ear).

    And regardless of your fitness level, do not lift heavy chairs and tables alone. Please always ensure that there are at least two individuals involved in heavy furniture lifting at all times. Also, be sure to clear a path!

For more resources on artifact handling, the BC Museums Association has set up the following website with great articles and videos:

Their videos can also be found on their YouTube Channel Here:


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