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Make the magic last and take a memento of the museum home with you:

  • Discover photographs and postcards from the museum’s collection.

  • Feel a craving for Victorian cookies? Bring home Roedde family recipe note cards.

  • You can also learn more about the Roeddes, the house and how it became a striking museum, thanks to Janet Bingham’s informative and entertaining book, More Than a House.


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 Book - More Than a House - The Story of Roedde House and Barclay Heritage Square by Janet Bingham, foreword by Pierre Berton.

Roedde House, a charming residence on Barclay Street in the West End of Vancouver, was built in 1893. In the late '70s preservationists became interested in restoring the old house. It became the catalyst leading to the survival of eight other turn-of-the-century houses within the block which became a park, unique in North America- Barclay Heritage Square. From the Roedde family to becoming the museum it is today, follow the fascinating story of Roedde House.


ArtisanSoapal soaps  handmade right here in BC by Soap Opera soap company. The soaps come in a variety of delicious scents like "Orange Lemon", "Goat Milk" (in Lavender and in Crushed Grape Seed), "Bizet" (Green Tea), "Carmen" (Rose and Mandarin), "Baby Fresh" (Gardenia and Jasmine), and of course a classic in any Victorian lad and lady's toilette counter, "French Lavender". Bars of soap are $5 each

TeaA new tea comes to town, perfect for the colder months. Our delicate House Cream Earl Grey blend is sure to please at tea time whether it be in 1893 or today. A set of tea bags is $3 and a tin of loose leaf is $5.
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