Boy's Bedroom


Artifacts in this room represent pastimes enjoyed by boys – stamp collecting, Scouting, checkers, collecting flora and fauna, as well as military memorabilia and souvenirs. The muskrat fur and hide gauntlet gloves would have been a treasured clothing item for harsher winter months and for sledding.

The Roedde sons were keen sailors and a photo on the north wall shows Gus Jr. (fourth from the left) with friends. The Maritime Museum Collection includes a Roedde Class sailboat.

The simple iron bed is covered with antique sheets and bedding.

Look for:

1999 18 3 120 

The Canadian flag – known as the "Red Ensign". This was the flag under which the Canadian Army fought in WW1.





boy swim 120Boys wool swimsuit – with genuine moth holes


1989 41 1 120


Hot water bottle – a stoneware "piggy" with which to warm the bed on cold nights.





1998 13 104 120 

Tin lunch pail – of the kind most children took to school





1997 19 2 120 

Box camera – state of the art model of the 1890?s (uses roll film)





Return to the landing and turn left


hall hinge 120 

The original stamped metal hinges on doors and the original brass hardware





bathroom 120 

The family bathroom with its c.1923 claw foot tub






Proceed into the Collections Room


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