Ownership Titles

The history of the Roedde House over the years can be seen by following the transfer of titles to the property at 1415 Barclay Street. Vancouver, BC.

The City of Vancouver was founded on the unceded teritories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations.

Sam Brighouse, William Hailstone and Sam Morton (i.e. “The Three Greenhorns) were the first white settlers in the area known today as Vancouver’s West End. On May 20, 1867, for the consideration of the sum of one hundred fourteen Pounds, Eleven Shillings and eight Pence they were granted the parcel of Land situated at Lot one hundred eighty five Group 1 on the official Plan or Survey.

29th March 1893: Sale by George Black to Matilda Roedde of Lot 19, Block 45, District 185, Group 1, New Westminster District, Plan 92. This would be the lot at 1415 Barclay St where the Roeddes would build their new home.
The registration date is shown as 10th April 1893.

April 29, 1893: G.A. Roedde signed Vancouver City Water Works application for water supply. 
The documents lists: Domestic Use, up to 4 persons  $1.00, Bath tubs  .50, Total $1.50 per month. 

29th September 1924: the house is sold by Matilda Roedde to James Delbert Blayney for $6000.00.

15th February 1927: the house is sold to Horace William Jeffery with Mortgage of $6000.00

30th October 1930:  Title registered to Clara Jeffery, Widow,  of 1415 Barclay Street, aforesaid; beneficiary under the last will and testament of Horace William Jeffery. 
House is valued at $9000.00 and is subject to a mortgage in favor of James Delbert Blayney.

3rd December 1930: Additional mortgage resistered for $1800.00.

16th May 1938: After Clara Jeffery died, title is registered to her daughter Helen Isabel Oehlerking. However the title still shows the mortgage held by James Delbert Blayney, and that there was a Tax Sale Notice 7952 dated 23 November 1936.

16th December 1938: As a result of the Tax sale, the property is transferred to George Bramhill Cooper.

10 July 1939: Property sold to Julia Warren Charman for $2750.00.

3rd June 1965: Title is registered to Moss Elmer Howey, from the Estate of Julia Warren Howey, Deceased. Value of the property is shown as $34,400.00.

8th June 1965: Sold by Moss Elmer Howey to the City of Vancouver for $35.000.00.

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