Curated by James Gibson

November 2021


The exhibition tells the story of Vancouver’s 29th Battalion, also known as “Tobin’s Tigers” during WWI. It highlights stories of the battalion’s famous officers, Lt.-C. H.S. Tobin and Company Sergeant-Major Robert Hill Hanna VC. The exhibition also features the story of a once lost machine gun (purchased for the troops of the 29th Battalion) with an E. Pauline Johnson-Tekahionwake (1861-1913) connection. This artefact now resides in the BC Regiment Museum at the Beatty Street Drill Hall. The exhibition also remembers Cameron Cathcart, who curated our Roedde House Remembrance Day exhibitions annually until his passing this year. Cam had been the president of the BC Regiment Museum Society at Beatty Street Drill Hall, and was the principal organizer and Master of Ceremonies for Remembrance Day Service at the Cenotaph in Vancouver. Cam spent much time researching the Roedde sons’ roles in WWI so our exhibition also includes a case dedicated to Bill, Walter, and Gus Jr. Roedde.


The 29th Battalion (Vancouver)

 exhibit 29th


Cameron Cathcart

cam cathcart


Roedde Boys in WWI

exhibit roedde boys

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