Roedde Family and the R.V.Y.C. Fact Sheet 

Roedde family affiliation with the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club:

  • The Roeddes were avid sailors and active members in the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club. Gustav (Sr.) owned the first fibre-glass sailboat.
  • The Roedde Challenge Trophy was presented in 1923 by G.A. Roedde (Sr.). Racing boats from 1923-1936.
  • In 1937 a new Deed of Gift was signed by William Roedde, and the trophy became known as the Roedde Star Fleet Championship Trophy. The trophy is still awarded for Championship races at the R.V.Y.C.

The Spencer Class and Roedde Class boats:

  • The depressed economy of the 1930s resulted in the halt of several racing events at the Yacht Club. It was felt that a small, one-design racing craft was needed- one that could be built at low cost and also used for cruising. This would encourage an increase in events and garner further interest in Yacht Club activities.
  • William Roedde, with the help of other Club members and marine architect Tom Halliday, promoted the project and produced the design such a boat. They also formed a building committee.
  • Due to the exorbitant building costs, a raffle was arranged whereby prospective owners could purchase $5 raffle tickets in hopes of winning the vessel in a draw.
  • The name of the winner was pulled in 1936 at the Jericho clubhouse, where hundreds of yachtsmen awaited the result of the draw. The suspense was high and sports reporters gathered to document the trilling moment and final results.
  • Jack Storey was the ultimate winner. Unfamiliar with sailing, he appointed Bill Roedde as his skipper.
  • The boat was christened the Carita, and was the first `turtle-decked` Spencer Class to be built. Bill Roedde became the eventual owner of the boat.
  • The design proved to be so popular that the building committee commissioned a fleet of five more ships. These became known as the Spencer Class fleet (largely financed by Col. Victor Spencer).
  • Bill Roedde dreamed of adapting the design of the Spencer Class boats in order to create a more comfortable vessel for cruising. He did so, and with the assistance of Tom Halliday he acted as primary designer of the new Roedde Class boats.
  • The first Roedde Class boat, the Carita II, was built in 1949 for Bill Roedde. Other originals include Jack Williamson`s Fantasie, which is currently located outside the Vancouver Maritime Museum.
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