Queen Anne Revival Architecture

Roedde House incorporates many elements from Queen Anne Revival style homes.

  • In Canada, the Queen Anna Revival style movement appeared in the 1870s and increased in popularity between the 1880s and 1890s, and carried into the 20th century until the advent of WWI.
  • The Queen Anne revival style was allied with progressive social attitudes and a desire to provide 'good design for all'. It was largely taken up in domestic buildings.
  • In this style, design was unified. The decorative arts along with furnishings came together to produce the final effect.
  • Stylistic features, which often merged late medieval and classical motifs, include:
    • Asymmetrical plans
    • Complex roof layouts, often adorned with gables.
    • Various projecting features: gable dormer windows, bay windows, verandahs and porches, sunrooms, towers, bays
    • Colourful and textured materials on the exterior (brick, carved or textured stone, patterned shingles).
    • Thoughtful internal planning and decor: vestibules and central hall, elaborate staircases, dark wood panelling, stained glass windows, tiling around fireplaces, decorated mantel shelves.


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