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A Grade Four and Five Social Studies and Language Arts Unit to Engage Your Students' Hearts and Minds

Roedde House Museum is a local Vancouver Historic House which offers hands-on activities for your students and supports and enriches the Grade 4 and 5 Social Studies and Language Arts Curricula. The program consists of a Video of a house tour by experienced docents and supports and enhances the downloadable   Roedde House Museum : Windows to the Past  curriculum. 

There will be no in-person school tours for the 2020/2021 school year, instead we are providing the Online Learning online program at no charge. We do require teachers/parents to register in order to get the password to view the videos.

You may obtain more information by calling the museum at 604.684.7040 or by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Roedde House Museum is in the heart of Vancouver's West End. Exploring this historic house will provide a multifaceted look at the everyday life of a young middle class immigrant family in the early years of the 20th Century.

Online Learning at Roedde House

Online experience for students during the time they are unable to visit Roedde House Museum in person. The online video allows us to follow Docents through the Museum and discover many stories and belongings of the Roedde family. 

To view these videos requires teacher or parent to Register their class, then a password will be emailed to the teacher/parent. This password will be required to view the following video tours.

As Roedde House Museum is not charging schools for the online learning resources and materials, we would appreciate donations to support the Museum and school program.  

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  Click here to register your school and get password

  View the online video : Roedde House School Tour


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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please email us after watching the video and provide comments.

Additional Resources to enhance your experience

Family Tour

Even though live school tours are suspended due to COVID19, we continue to offer tours of the Roedde House to small groups. Students can come with thier family and experience first hand a visit to the Roedde House Museum. Tours are required to be booked in advance. See webpage for booking information.

Video : Window to the Past

In the 1990s Roedde granddaughters Gwen and Kay visit the house where they had lived with their mother and grandparents at the time of the First World War. They are able to tell us about what life was like as young girls over a hundred years ago.

Curriculum : Roedde House Museum: Windows to the Past

Download the curriculum for the Windows to the Past school program. 


These are projects from the Windows to the Past curriculum that students can work on individually, as a class group at school or at home with their parents.

Learning from Architecture

Exploring Family History

  • Your Family Tree. See Curriculum Page 37.See Curriculum Page 37.
    Construct your family tree.  Students interview family members for information, using BLM 5, Finding out About Family. Have each student choose whom to interview for family tree information. If there is time, they might want to interview someone on both sides of the family, but one side of the family tree is fine. Encourage students to bring to class family photos to include with their family tree.
  • Family or Personal Timeline. See Curriculum Page 43.

    Students will create a timeline from their birth date to the present, recording significant events in their own lives. Building on the questions developed for the Activity Your Family Tree, discuss sample questions with them and draw up a list of questions to ask family members regarding events in their family history (marriages, births, deaths moves).

  • Understanding Immigration. See Curriculum Page 45.
    A number of activities, discussions, readings can be used to build background knowledge on this topic. Students talk about their own family experience of immigration and become more understanding of the stories of others. 
    Encourage students to ask a parent or grandparent how or why their own family decided to immigrate to BC and or Canada. Students can take turns to present their findings to the class.
    If immigrants are seeking a better life, is that what they find? Interview students who have come to Canada most recently. What is it like to come to a new country? What things do they miss from their old country? Note 5 problems, 5 good things, and 5 funny things.

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