• kitchenKitchen after restoration

The kitchen area that visitors see today looked very different in the 1980s, when workers first arrived to begin the restoration process of the house; prior to the restoration project, the house had served as a rooming house for years. In regard to its dimensions, the kitchen’s height from floor to ceiling was 119 ½”. In the western section of the space, stencil was found around the top of the walls. Indeed, upon reaching the fourth layer of wallpaper, workers unravelled a dark green leaf pattern against a light green background (see photographs N32, O22, P0 and P1). What is also notably significant is that the workers found the original wallpaper of the overall kitchen to be of a yellow and maroon tile design. During the restoration process, Burnaby craftsman were hired to reproduce a similar version of this pattern. Thus, the wallpaper in the kitchen today is identical to the original sample, but is of a brighter shade.

In the northern section of the space and on the left side of a door, two holes were found in the wall. Whilst both were measured to be 2” wide and 4” from the ceiling, one hole was 37” and the other was 41” from the West wall. Then, on the right side of the door, workers noticed traces on the wall which indicated that a cabinet had once been mounted over the sink when the home was still a rooming house. 


  • 01-J32Kitchen J32
  • 02-J33Kitchen J33
  • 03-J34Kitchen J34
  • 04-N11Kitchen N11
  • 05-N30Kitchen N30
  • 06-N31Kitchen N31
  • 07-N32Kitchen N32
  • 08-N35Kitchen N35
  • 09-N36Kitchen N36
  • 10-N36AKitchen N36A
  • 11-O16Kitchen O16
  • 12-O17Kitchen O17
  • 13-O18Kitchen O18
  • 14-O19Kitchen O19
  • 15-O20Kitchen O20
  • 16-O21Kitchen O21
  • 17-O25Kitchen O25
  • 18-O29Kitchen O29
  • 19-O30Kitchen O30
  • 20-O31Kitchen O31


  • Layout-J32-J33Layout-J32-J33
  • Layout-J34-N11Layout-J34-N11
  • Layout-N30-N31Layout-N30-N31
  • Layout-N32Layout-N32
  • Layout-N35Layout-N35
  • Layout-N36-N36ALayout-N36-N36A
  • Layout-O16-O17Layout-O16-O17
  • Layout-O18-O19Layout-O18-O19
  • Layout-O20-O21Layout-O20-O21
  • Layout-O25Layout-O25
  • Layout-O29-O31Layout-O29-O31
  • Layout-O30Layout-O30

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