The Docents at Roedde House Museum are pleased to hear comments from teachers and students who have attended our school program.

Teacher Comments:

  • The students LOVED the museum! Your guides were so lovely as well! They were very knowledgeable and most patient with all of the students’ questions!We also were most grateful for the transportation and had a fabulous afternoon at Stanley Park.We hope to come again!
  • Thanks so much for the field trip. The students enjoyed the field trip very much. They have never seen a 19th century home. They were fascinated and interested in the artifacts in the house. The class overall had a great experience. The docents were great; they were enthusiastic and passionate about tour. I have been taking my class to Roedde House Museum for at least 3 years now and I highly recommend it to other teachers.
  • Thank you!!! We had a great time and my students all loved the tour! They were super engaged and interested :)
  • The kids had a great time. The artifact box and the video really help prepare them. All three docents were wonderful. We were fortunate to have good weather. They also enjoyed the drawing session as kids who aren't great artists were really trying to add proper detail. They also had a good time at Stanley Park.
  • Thanks for having us! It was a great experience for the kids, and they were thrilled with the house tour and activities. Stanley Park and the transportation on the Trolley Bus was also very enjoyable.

Student Comments:

  • Thank you for teaching us about the Roeddes and about their house. I learnt that the Roeddes were Germans and they had travelled to different places. I Also learnt that the Roeddes had two daughters shich both died. Finally I learnt that the Roeddes loved music. I enjoyed the tour very much and learned a lot.
  • I had an amazing time at the Roedde House Museum. We got a ride from the trolley. I saw lush green trees along the way. When we arrived, the house was in front and there were flowers surrounding it. The artifacts were old looking and delicate. I loved the stain-glass windows. I also loved the part where we drew the Roedde House. It was hard to draw the house in ten minutes. When we got upstairs, there were rooms, cameras and old toys. In the girls rooms, there were creepy looking dolls. I really enjoyed the tour around the house.
  • It was very fun and interesting learning about the Roedde House. Not just the Roedde family, but Vancouver in general. It must've been a real chore for the women  to swim in damp heavy dresses. Getting to see and touch the old antiques that they used back then. I would never guessed that tiny cuplike object was used to clean your eyes. It surprixed me that they travelled from Germany to the US, then here.
  • Thank yoiu for showing us around Roedde House Museum. I learned a lot about the Roedde House and Family. I enjoyed going in the house and about what they used before. I saw the giant journal that they used. The Roedde family has stuff that we use these days. I enjoyed sketching the house. I learned that they have small beds. I love the stainglass windows on the house, and the designs. I learned about a lot of things I didn't know before.
  • Thank you for showing me around the Roedde House Museum. I really enjoyed the trolley. It wasn't hot or to cold and I saw a lot on the ride. My favorite room in the house was the kitchen, the shotgun and stove was very interesting to me. I also really enjoyed drawing the house because I really love drawing. Lastly, I loved seeing all the clothes and hearing all the interesting facts about them. I had a lot of jun learning about the Roedde family and I hope you had a great time teaching us!
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